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New Color Cutter Light

Humic Acid accompanies Iron and Manganese in groundwater. It is constituent of soil organic matter humus and dissolved as macromolecule Colloid into groundwater. Normally Humic Acid is removed by Activated Carbon media but Macro pore cannot absorb Colloid enough and effective utility is low. As a result, that shortens the media life. On the other hand, our product gNew Color Cutter Light (NCCL)h is a high Manganese dioxide media and improved the color absorption capacity than the former gColor Cutter Lh. Removal method is different from Activated Carbon, NCCL acts as oxidation catalysis on Humic Acid under Chlorine-existing conditions so that it can expand its absorption life. Since removal of Humic Acid by gNCCLh is only for dissolving humic color, it will avoid occurring SS and clogging. Therefore, it can reduce backwashing operation to once or twice a week.
1) Stable treatment
NCCL has similar removal capacity that the other special medias. Only combine Hypochlorous acid, Humic color can be removed and stabilize water quality.

2) Small space and cost
It can be expected high effective to utilize PAC but except special treatment is needed aeration tank is not necessary. It provides quality water to contact directly to raw water. So that only set small extra space and reduce maintenance cost because of not use PAC or other chemical agents.
Effective size
Uniformity coefficient
Specific gravity
Bulk density
under 1.4
Mechanism of color removal
When Humic Acid adheres to NCCL, Humic color is removed but it causes decreasing of NCCL oxidation level therefore removal capacity goes down in short term. If over 1.0mg/L of Free Residual Chlorine exists in treated water, NCCL acts as oxidation catalyst and sustains its removal capacity. This action is similar with contact oxidation process on removal Manganese treatment.
*Humic color in raw water and flow rate
It is essential to have NCCL act catalytic reaction to expand its removal capacity.For this matter, Free Residual Chlorine is needed over 1.0mg/L in treated water and should be taken enough proper flow rate. Flow rate will be decided base on Humic color level. We propose proper flow rate after do the filtration test.

*Permissible range of containing coexisting substances in raw water

Turbidity--------------under 2degree
Iron------------------under 0.3mg/L
Manganese------------under 0.3mg/L

*Required pretreatment operations, in case each concentration is over above

*Filter media
Upper part: Anthracite Effective size0.7mm, Thickness 200mm
Down part: New Color Cutter Light Effective size0.35mm, Thickness over800mm

*Residual Chlorine concentration in treated water during flowing

Required to contain strong oxidized Free Residual Chlorine over 1.0mg/L in treated water.
Color removal only
*for drinking water
SS and Iron concentration is high
*for drinking water
Membrane filter system (subsequent system)
1)Oxidizing agent injection
When the reduction matters infuse continuously, Manganese dioxide will dissolve. To avoid this, it should be infused Oxidizing agent such as Sodium Hypochlorite, Chlorine, Ozone etc. running. In case of Chlorine, for example, it should be controlled concentration of Free Residual Chlorine over 1.0mg/L in treated water.

2)Layer thickness and Flow rate
Keep thickness of layer to be about SV=10. Absorption time is totally different depends on the condition of raw water but if the flow rate is needed to be fast, we recommend to design SV rate is low. In case of Irons and Manganese are dissolving together, Iron is acid removed first and then Manganese and finally Humic color. If high concentration Iron and Manganese is dissolving and moreover, high Humic color is dissolving, it is very effective to remove those matters setting double system on a series connection, pre-system is for Iron and subsequent is for Manganese and Humic colors.

Please wear a dust mask, when you set NCCL into the tank. We conduct Hypochlorous acid treatment to NCCL before it transport from our plant. Backwashing 2-3 times / 10-20 minutes is needed to remove small particle but not need to soak in Hypochlorous acid. But if the Hypochlirous acid treatment is needed, soak in it 1000mg/L in over 12 hours. However, after backwashing, small particle may still remain slightly but it does not affect any filtration effects.