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Disaster Recovery
When the natural disasters like earthquake or flood occur, water supply will be the big problem. Sustainable and reliable water purification will be strongly required. Therefore, movable and reliable water purification device is needed.

Osyu city, Iwate prefecture, Japan in June, 2008

Northern area of Japan, Kitamata water purification plant got devastating damages by an earthquake measuring 7.2 and suspended water supply for 1420 houses. As soon as we were requested, we set up gMobile Saito Tankh on site. After 5 days operation, we supplied drinking water for the houses satisfied the turbidity 0.1 degree which is regulated by JWWA(=Japan Water Works Association).

Kuji city, Iwate prefecture in Japan in July, 2008

A magnitude 6.8 earthquake hit Aomori and Iwate prefectures located in northern area of Japan damaged to the water purification plant facility. The facility was not able to provide running water by only disinfectant process due to high Manganese consistency. But after we set up the Mobile Saito Tank near the Pond, we supplied quality water just only 2 days by immediate recovery operation.

-Breakdown the facilities and difficult to repair
-Filthy raw water
-Need bulk of water for living

-Movable water supply facility or device
-Transport easily anywhere, anytime
-Easy operation, supply drinkable water

General Treatment Process

Our Solution


-Unified all devices such as sand filter tank, control panel and cartridge. It is easy to transport anywhere
-Able to enter narrow roads due to compact design
-Apply any water conditions
-Maintenance free due to avoid filter media fixation