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Drinking Water
Drinking water is provided through water purification plant. The source of water is river, lake or reservoir treated by sand filtration. Sand purification removes particulate matters such as suspended sludge and bacteria to make it for drinking. At large scale water purification plant is by sand filter bed and small and medium scale purification plant is by sand filtration tank. Sand Filtration proceeds filtration and periodical backwashing (e.g. 1 time/day)over and over. In case of the water is dissolving high color matters or irons, additional treatment process or facility may be required combine with sand filtration, but sand filtration helps to improve treatment effects and reduce burden on the other systems.

- Only normal backwashing cleaning effect, filter sand deteriorate gradually and require to replace it periodically
- When filter sand is getting dirty, it affects treated water quality.

-Introduce new sand cleaning system and keep filter media and water always clean

General Treatment Process

Our Solution

- No media replacement
- Keep clean water quality
- Reduce 30-50% of backwash water

- Mobile device and apply to temporary operation