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Underground Water
Underground water is designed for variety purposes such as drinking water and industrial water. Depending on the purposes, treatment process is different but basically granular filter media is used. Eventually, filter media get deteriorated and have to replace it. There has to be required special treatment procedure due to underground water contained Irons, Manganese and Organic colors than surface water.

- Only normal backwashing cleaning effect, filter sand deteriorate gradually and require to replace it periodically
- When filter sand is getting dirty, it affects treated water quality
- High Irons and Manganese contents require prior treatment process
- Difficult to treat organic color matters

- Introduce new sand cleaning system and keep filter media and water always clean
- Use filter media and filter device which fit for underground water level

General Treatment Process

Our Solution

- No media replacement required
- Keep clean water quality
- Reduce 30-50% of backwash water

- Apply to any water, just 1unit

- Efficient color removal filter media
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