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Nowadays, environmental issues concerns in the whole world not only a few countries. We have to care about the environment, not to use over-energy, generate over- CO2 emission and dispose over-industrial waste. It is expected to respond those environmental issues in all over the places. For that solution, our products will help it. As we are manufacturer, we strive to develop our technology for the contribution of environment.
1. Reduction of Electricity power
2. Reduction of CO2 Emission
3. No more Industrial waste (used filter media)
*All the below data is calculated by Japanese basis.
Data would possibly differ or change in other countries.
1.Electricity power

In the case of introducing Saito washing system needs only half time for backwashing process than the normal tank backwashing. SWS needs 10min/time in backwashing, on the other hand, normal tank needs 20min/time. That means, gelectricity powerh during the backwashing operation will be cut 50% by its function. Our system save energy and cost. Of course, other Saito Tank series can also reduce electricity power significantly.

Electricity power consumption
Normal Tank
backwashing pump
electricity power
produce backwashing water
electricity power
SWS motor
electricity power
calculation is based on the following:
Tank diameter 2m, Flow rate 10m/h, Backwashing rate 36m/h, Pump 3.7kw, Backwashing pump 7.5kw, SWS pump 2.2kw (after installation), Backwashing time: Normal Tank 20min ,SWS10min.

2. CO2 Emission
In the case of SWS (one of the Saito Tank series), the electricity power is mentioned below are reduced in half so that CO2 emission will be down against each consumption data.
Normal Tank
backwashing pump
electricity power
electricity 2.5kWh/time 1.25kWh/time
figures 425g-CO2/kWh 425g-CO2/kWh
CO2 1,062.5g-CO2 531.3g-CO2
produce backwashing water
electricity power
electricity 4.44kWh/time 2.22kWh/time
figures 425g-CO2/kWh 425g-CO2/kWh
CO2 1,887.0g-CO2 943.5g-CO2
SWS motor
electricity power
electricity - 0.293kWh/time
figures - 425g-CO2/kWh
CO2 - 124.7g-CO2
CO2 emission total
2,949.5g-CO2 1,599.5g-CO2
calculation is based on the following:
Tank diameter 2m, Flow rate 10m/h, Backwashing rate 36m/h, Pump 3.7kw, Backwashing pump 7.5kw, SWS pump 2.2kw (after installation), Backwashing time: Normal Tank 20min ,SWS10min.
In addition, due to SWS and all Saito Tank series achieves unnecessary of filter media exchange by media washing function, recycle them and cut CO2 in the media replacement process.

* calculattion of CO2 emission from each energy consumption; producing filter media, transportation, replacement construction, disposal of waste media (subject to media replacement 1 time every year)
3. Recycling the used filter media

When the filter tank is used in long term, filter media is getting dirty and accumulates sludge and need to be replaced it in order to keep water quality stable. As a result those used media will be disposed as an industrial waste. Even filter media is limited natural resource, and even it can reuse or recycle, most of the cases it just becomes industrial waste. From this point, we considered recycling those used media back into the filtration process, not to waste it anymore. We developed filter media washing system and solve this problem for ecology.

Our Technology
Saito Washing system is very Eco Friendly products. We came up with this filter media washing system from a hint "singing sand" mechanism. Our washing method is generated particle kneading action against each other by Saito screw and occurred complicated vortex inside. Due to this washing method, filter media is washed thoroughly even the stubborn sludge on the surface without particle breaking. So that filter media is always kept clean and no need to replace it, reuse again and again. Since the system has strong washing function, it acheived to reduce backwasahing time and water. There are a lot of advantages to set Saito Tank siries. We can solve problems of media fixation or frequent media replacement as well as cost and maintenance problems. Please visit each product pages.

Saito Tank Series