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Hyper Tank
Hyper TankHigh flow velocity well water treatment has become a reality.

Our filter media have earned a good reputation with purification plants across Japan where very high quality is required. The quality of filter media is very important especially in relation to drinking water and food manufacturing for which especially high-quality treated water is required in the area of well water (groundwater) treatment, as well as in relation to the pretreatment of ultrapure water systems. We make water for specific purposes, such as small water systems, the food industry or the electronics industry, by utilizing our wide variety of high-quality filter media and proficient well water treatment techniques. Agents respond to requests for water quality analysis that is essential for selecting an appropriate system and determining an appropriate treatment method. In addition, if experimentation is necessary, our affiliated laboratory will conduct it.
Advanced water treatment by using a combination of optimum filter media
We are familiar with the properties of iron, manganese, natural organic colored water (humic substance) so we can propose an optimum configuration for a filter layer. Consequently, high-quality treated water can be produced and we can provide a high-level guarantee.
Excellent durability achieved by using a stainless steal tanks
All wetted parts of Hyper Tank are made of SUS304L. Thus, they have excellent durability.
Response to mass treatment by high flow velocity treatment
@ High flow velocity treatment up to 25m/h is possible, so large amounts of water can be treated.
A High levels of iron concentration which exceed 10mg/L can be treated by one system.
B The amount of backwash water can be reduced to two-thirds to one-half of that necessary for conventionalsystems.
C Smaller installation space is required compared to conventional systems, so it is suitable for installation in a small place.
Hyper Tanks can be used in a variety of methods according to the purpose.
@Subject to removal: Iron / manganese
[chlorine oxidation process]
Iron ions contained in well water is instantly oxidized by sodium hypochlorite (NaClO (oxidizing agent)) and is made insoluble. Iron is captured and removed by dual filter media for deferrization.
Fe2++ NaClO{2H2O
[contact aeration process]
Different from iron, manganese contained in well water does not oxidize easily by sodium hypochlorite alone, so it is first changed into insoluble manganese dioxide hydrate by the catalytic power of high-grade manganese filter media and is then captured and removed.
Mn2++NaClO+MnO2E H2O+2H2O
2 H2O+NaCl+2H{

@Subject to removal: Organic colored water (humic substance)
Color (humic substance) removal process
Color component is decomposed into clear and colorless water through oxidization by sodium hypochlorite while using Color Cutter G (manganese dioxide in a beta crystal structure), which is effective in removing organic colored water (humic substance) in well water, as a catalyst.