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Mobile Saito Tank

@Supplying Purified Drinking Water for disaster areas

When the natural disaster occurs, supply of purified drinking water will be the big problem, as it known at least 3L of water/ day is necessary per person but includes household water (living water) we need practically 300L/day.
Water purification procedure can be the main factor and required sustainable and reliability to produce safety water.
Our original idea of gSaiton (kneading) washing systemh installed into gMobile Saito Tankh can maintain the filter media clean and get quality water constantly, also no need to replace it and can expect to reduce maintenance costs or the amount of backwash water.
This washing system exfoliates the fixation sludge round the filter media particles by kneading washing action and rinses only muddy water out from the device. In any occasion, Mobile Saito Tank provides purification water due to apply any kinds of filter media.
Although this Mobile Saito Tank is compact size to mount on truck, it is possible to treat bulk water and has many valuable merits than the other filter elements.
We absolutely provide safety, reliable and good quality purified water by this gMobile Saito Tankh in any disaster damaged areas by mounted on truck.

Case 1

For Washing Water
Miyazaki city, Miyazaki prefecture in September, 2005
Water purification plant

From 4th to 6th of September, typhoon hit the Kyusyu district and the Ohyodo river overflowed by heavy rain. At that time, the water purification plant in Miyazaki prefecture didnft work and 30,000 houses were suspended their water supply.
For the first procedure, we needed washing purified water to clean the water purification plant facility covering by muddy sludge.
Our Mobile Saito Tank worked out this problem properly as water purifir unit. We used contaminated water as untreated water and produced washing water by Mobile Saito Tank.

Mobile Saito Tank
Mobile Saito Tank
Mobile Saito Tank

Case 2

For Drinking Water
Osyu city, Iwate prefecture in 14th, June, 2008
Water purification plant

Part of northern area of Japan, Iwate and Miyagi prefectures got devastating damages by an earthquake measuring 7.2 and it caused collapse of Kitamata water purification plant and suspension of the water supply for 1420 houses.
As we were requested by water purification department of Osyu city, we took Mobile Saito Tank mounted on truck and set up on site as water purifier plant. After 5 days working operations, we satisfied the turbidity 0.1 degree which is regulated by JWWA(=Japan Water Works Association) and supplied drinking water for the houses.

Mobile Saito Tank on site
Mobile Saito Tank

Mobile Saito Tank

Case 3

For Drinking Water
Kuji city, Iwate prefecture in July, 2008
Water Purification Plant

A magnitude 6.8 earthquake hit Aomori and Iwate prefectures located in northern area of Japan damaged to the water purification plant facility.

The facility was not able to provide running water by only disinfectant process due to high Manganese consistency. And then, we took Mobile Saito Tank (MST-1600) mounted on truck and set up the Mobile Saito Tank at Pond by the request of the water purification department of Kuji city.
Through our routine experiments and know-how, we succeeded in producing quality water just only 2 days and finally, we supplied running water cleared the regulation turbidity under 0.1 degree by immediate rapid recovery operation.

MST monted on truck
Mobile Saito Tank
Mobile Saito Tank

@Mobile Saito Tank with civil work

Wastewater treatment on civil work site put extreme load on filter media. As a result, we have to do a lot of additional work and cost on it. However our amazing product Mobile Saito Tank (MST-700 or MST-1600) will get along with it.
Media sand keeps constantly clean by our original kneading washing system which is installed into the tank. From this incredible washing action, we fulfilled to avoid fixation media and provide stable treated water any time. We can expect to reduce maintenance cost significantly. Furthermore, as this tank is compact design, itfs easy to transport by truck mounted, handle and operate in any civil work sites.

Case 4

Anan city, Tokushima prefecture in February, 2006
Wastewater treatment at civil work site

Mobile Saito Tank (MST-1600) worked out to improve water quality to regulation level from high turbidity level of water in order to discharge wastewater into the river from the construction work site.

Mobile Saito Tank
Mobile Saito Tank
Mobile Saito Tank

@Mobile Saito Tank for lack of infrastracture area

Mobile Saito Tank would be monted on relatively small truck to take to using area, set on the ground or on truck bed and connect to pumps with pipes easily. And operation is automatic by control panel, you just push one button for running. That is more important than anything else is"Mobile Saito Tank" do not need replace the media on site. At site, replacement constructing is needed take a time and time-consuming arrangement.
We recommend using Mobile Saito Tank as Water purifier unit in developing area by mounting on truck.

Providing stable quality water constantly
Our original innovative kneading washing principle, gSaito washing systemh put into this device, MST, fulfilled to prevent fixation of the filter media and can keep clean and produce stable treated water.
Compact design
We unified all facilities such as filtration device, cartridge, front piping, control device, PAC (Poly Aluminum Chloride), circulating pump and backwash pump all together and improved as a mobile model. Only need to prepare the treatment water tank and in/out piping, can simply operate water treatment work.
Unnecessary of media replacement
Since filter media are always kept clean, the media replacement is not necessary. Therefore, there is no need to dispose used filter media as industrial waste and significantly contribute to environmental problems and response to ISO 14000.
Backwash water can be significantly reduce
Since MST exfoliates tightly adhering suspended substances by Saito washing system thoroughly and only backwashes for rinsing away of the suspended substances. Therefore, the MST can reduce the amount of backwash water compare to conventional filter tanks.

@Mobile Saito Tank standard specification
Main Material Tank body: SS400, Pipe: HIVP
Type Tank diameter Length immj~Width immj
~Hight immj~ Cartridge Motor